TCCA partnered with TMCEC, TMCA, and Texas State University, to create an educational development program in 1996. The Municipal Court Clerk Certification Program was established to provide professional development and educational growth to Court Staff in Municipal and Justice Courts.

The program is comprised of three levels. Participants may achieve certification upon successful completion of each of the three levels:

Certified Court Clerk Level I

Certified Court Clerk Level II

Certified Municipal Court Clerk (Level III)

Certification Program Resources

Exam Costs (Effective as of 1-1-2019)

$75 for Level I members

$150 for Level I non-members

$25 per section for Level II members

$50 per section for Level II non-members

$25 per section for Level III members

$50 per section for Level III non-members


Click here to reorder a certificate (by credit card only)

  • Level I or II Certificate Reprint ($5.00)
  • Level III Certificate Reproduction ($40.00)
  • Level III Certificate Reproduction MOUNTED ($70.00)


As of August 31, 2021, the following number of clerks were certified at each level:

Level 1

 590 CCC I
Level II 595 CCC II
Level III 126 CCC III

Certification Designation

Clerks should use following credentials after their name for each level of certification.

Level I = CCC I

Level II = CCC II

Level III = CMCC

Certification Program Resources

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