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Level II certification

Level II Requirements

  • Must be Level I certified in good standing
  • Study the Level II Clerk Guide
  • Complete 40 hours of approved education within 3 years
  • Attend Level II Prep Session (optional by highly recommended)
  • Take and pass the Level II exam ($25 per part  for members & $50 per part for non-members)
  • Submit application for certification

You are not certified until you complete the application requirements for Level II. 

A passing exam grade does not mean you are certified.  You will get a number grade only if unsuccessful.  Results are available on the TMCEC personal profile ONLY.  Results will not be released to anyone other than the person taking the test.

Your Level II test will expire if not used in the application process within 3 years of the test date.

Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will receive a certificate by mail from TCCA.  Upon receipt of the certificate, you may place the designation of CCCII following your name.

Once certified at Level II, you may begin steps to become certified at Level III.

Level II Resources

Maintaining Certification

Twelve (12) hours of education are required each academic year for Level II certified clerks to maintain your certification. 

The academic year begins September 1st  and ends August 31st.


The Texas Court Clerks Association offers scholarships to TCCA members.  These scholarships help cover some of the costs associated with achieving and/or maintaining certification.  

For more information, please visit the Scholarships page. 

This page is available to TCCA members only who are logged into the website.

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