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TCCA Committees - 2024

Welcome to the Committee’s Page for the TCCA! 

Each committee has a separate set of duties that helps in handling the daily business of the TCCA. Please review the duties of each committee by selecting the duties link or you may email the chairperson any comments or questions by selecting their name.

There is always a great need for committee members. If you are interested in serving on one of the TCCA Committees, please complete a Committee Member Request Application.  



Summary of Duties: Members of the Advisory committee will assist the Board as requested using their knowledge and years of experience. A member may be responsible for generating and providing reports to the Board.

Committee Chair: Lisa Howard (Hurst)

Advisory Committee Duties

Bylaws Committee

Summary of Duties: The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the Bylaws of the Association as to their practicality and application and to review the needs for amending or adding to the Bylaws.

Committee Chair:  Stacy Martin (San Antonio)

Submit Bylaws Suggestions

Bylaws Committee Duties

Chapter Steering Committee

Summary of Duties: The Chapter Steering Committee is responsible for promoting state chapters. They will assist potential and existing chapters in establishing and defining their boundaries; promoting attendance at meetings and education sessions; as well as with any issues the chapters may have.

Committee Chair:   

Chapter Steering Committee Duties

Certification &

Summary of Duties: The Certification and Education Committee is primarily responsible for overseeing the Municipal Court Clerk’s Certification Program. The committee is also responsible for approving the educational programs to be offered during the TCCA Annual Conference and other educational and development programs approved by the committee, and shall be responsible for educational articles to be included in The Scribe. This committee shall serve as the decision making body for the certification program which includes ensuring that speakers and facilitators are qualified to present topics at the TCCA Annual Conference or any educational session where an application for training has been submitted to the Education Committee for approval.  

Committee Chair:   Tammy Odom (Texas City)

Co-Chair: Jennifer Bozorgnia (Irving)

Certification & Education Committee Duties

Program Financial Manager 

Chair: Pat Riffel (Friendswood)

Certification Program Financial Manager Duties

Planning Committee

Summary of Duties: The committee will be comprised of the Executive Board, Technology Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson, Education Committee Chairperson and the Vendor Committee Chairperson. The committee is responsible for selection of meeting facilities, housing accommodations and planning of the entertainment for the Annual Conference. 

Committee Chair:   Sheli Masterson (Irving)
Co-Chair: Jennifer Bozorgnia (Irving)

Conference Committee Duties

Ethics Committee

Summary of Duties: The Ethics Committee is responsible for receiving, reviewing and investigating grievances of an ethical nature.

Click: To File Ethics Complaint

PLEASE NOTE:   This Ethics Committee can only accept filings against clerks who are members of this organization.  Filings that submitted for clerks who are not members will not be processed.

Committee Chair:  Nikki Ashley (Johnson County Pct. 2)

Ethics Committee Duties




Summary of Duties: The Exhibitor Committee Chair is the primary point of contact for the Exhibitors at the annual conference and will ensure that their needs are met before, during, and after the conference. The Exhibitor Committee Chair is responsible for assisting the Conference Planning Committee with exhibitor-related issues/tasks such as seeking exhibitor attendance and participation at the annual conference, assisting with exhibitor registration and sponsorships as well as conducting the Exhibitor Expo.

Committee Chair: Tracy Ventura (Liberty Hill)
Conference Planning Committee Members

Exhibitor Committee Duties 

  Historian Committee

Summary of Duties: The Historian is responsible for preserving the history of the Texas Court Clerks Association by collecting various articles, documents and photos regarding the Association’s activities and placing them into the scrapbooks and photo albums. The Historian is responsible for maintaining all scrapbooks and photo albums as well as displaying them during the Annual Conference.

Committee Chair: Andrea Goff (Helotes)

Historian Committee Duties


 Summary of Duties: The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruiting of members, the circulation of information about the Association to other organizations and individuals, the formulating of plans for the inclusion of subsidiary associations and the formulating of plans for the merging of other national organizations. The committee is also responsible for carrying out decisions of the Board of Directors relative to the recruitment, maintenance, and eligibility of members of the Association..

Committee Chair: Jessica Ancira (Seabrook)

Membership Committee Duties


 Summary of Duties: The Texas Court Clerks Association (TCCA) Legislative Committee reviews and monitors legislative issues related to Texas courts. Click: To File Suggestions

Committee Chair: Juan Paredes (Fort Worth)

Legislative Committee Duties

 Internal Audit

Committee Chair: Tammy Odom 

Audit Committee Duties

 Publications Committee

Summary of Duties: The Publication Committee Chair is primarily responsible for the content, layout, and design of the Association publication, The Scribe, and for its’ distribution to the membership. 

Committee Chair:  Tiffany Totah (Victoria)

Publications Committee Duties

 Nominations Committee

Summary of Duties: The purpose of the Nomination Committee is to process the nominations to fill open positions on the Board of Directors for the Texas Court Clerks Association.  The Committee Chair will receive nominations, confirm acceptance and eligibility and obtain nominee bios, prepare Voting Ballot and Voting Results Report. 

Committee Chair: Andrea Goff (San Antonio)
Co-Chair: Jennifer Dorsett (Watauga)

Nominations Committee Duties

 Public Relations Committee

Summary of Duties: The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for soliciting nominations for a Professionalism and/or Honorary Award to be presented at the Annual Banquet. The Public Relations Committee shall also be responsible for obtaining the outgoing Board Members awards and any other award deemed necessary by the Board. 

Committee Chair:  Courtney Broussard (La Porte)
Co-Chair: Kirby Hewitt
Co-Chair: Sheila Roach

Public Relations Committee Duties

 Merchandise Committee

Summary of Duties: The Chairperson of the Merchandise Committee is required to ensure that merchandise is ordered and available for sale at the Texas Court Clerks Annual Conference. The Chairperson is responsible for developing and maintaining a work schedule to guarantee the merchandise booth is properly manned during the designated times.

Committee Chair: Sonya Cates (Alvin)
Heather Leonard (Mansfield)

Merchandise Committee Duties

 Technology Committee

Summary of Duties: The Technology Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance othe TCCA websitthrougcoordination with the privatvendor webmaster selecteby thboard.

Committee Chair: Jeremy Leonard (Lewisville)  

Technology Committee Duties

 TML Representative

Summary of Duties: The TML Board Representative serves as the Association’s representative on the Board of Directors of the Texas Municipal League. The TCCA Vice President shall serve as the TML Board Representative 

Representative:  Jeremy Leonard (Lewisville)  

TML Representative Duties

 Scholarship Committee

Summary of Duties: The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing the Scholarships applications that are submitted for the TCCA scholarship to help members attend the TCCA Annual Conference. The chairperson notifies members by an email that have been chosen to receive a scholarship along with a certificate.   

Committee Chair:  Jennifer Huhn (Pearland)

Scholarship Committee Duties

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